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Συνεργάτης Αρχιτέκτων: Ι. Δίτσας

A semi-derelict building, that used to house an old bakery, was remodelled into a branch office for a Bank in the commercial centre of Kifissia on Levidou Street.

The necessity of creating a basement to hold the vault and the Bank archives led designing architects, after an initial investigation of the weight-bearing elements of the old building, to the solution of reinforcing all the circumference walls internally and externally with a layer of sprayed concrete.

The ground floor has the highest amount of transaction traffic and also includes a seating area for the public and the office of the deputy manager. 

The office of the manager and a smaller area for transactions are located on the first floor.

Both the spatial organisation and the design of false ceilings were such as would lessen the impression of short width, and great depth that this specific outline gives.

A significant aesthetic contribution of the branch office was a composition of small ceramic plaques by ceramicist Eleni Vernadaki.

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ΤΟΜΠΑΖΗ 24, ΧΑΛΑΝΔΡΙ - ΑΘΗΝΑ 152 32 ΕΛΛΑΔΑ,   ΤΗΛ. (+301) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+301) 6853 930,   EMAIL:

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